Onkel Tuca

Onkel Tuca Film Decor offers a large variety of services:

  • wood- and metal-working
  • creative finishing and plastic design of any kind
  • patinate working
  • painting
  • styrofoam working

Onkel Tuca Film Decor's skills range from small stage props to huge studio sets – always effective, at keenest price, and in time.

We offer simple manufacturing of decórs but we also conduct full-service projects – including calculation, scheduling of construction and destruction, and disposal.

We are experienced construction supervisors and managers. Due to our good conduct of English we enjoy working with international productions.

Our studio workshop is located in Cologne-Bickendorf. This is where we can prepare our creations. Because of our mobile equipment, however, we are able to erect a fully working workshop on any site you like.

Based on profound experience we select from a pool of specialized professionals and partners. These are stage painters, plasticians, carpenters, locksmiths, experts in special effects, decorators, property men, and many more. This is how we provide you with a wide spectrum of effective and reliable services when it comes to film set constructions.