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Onkel Tuca FilmDecor

Do you want a flexible and fantastical realization of your creative ideas proportional to your budget?
Onkel Tuca makes it real!

Onkel Tuca Film Decor consists of Wolfgang Gosberg and Gregor Hees. Both originate from the branches of film decór and sets. They also offer experience and wealth of ideas in the motion picture industry, TV productions, constructions at fairs, and in advertising.

Onkel Tuca Film Decor uses its competences variably and individually in painting, as joiners, technicians, and designers of film sets. This also applies to synergetic full-service projects.

Additionaly we have a fully equipped studio workshop in Cologne-Bickendorf. This is where we prepare the scenery. Furthermore, we are proud to be able to set up a professional workshop on set because of our mobile equipment.
It is a great pleasure for us to work with international productions.
We are experienced as well in teamwork as in supervising onsite and construction managing.

As a perfect team we work hand in hand with highly qualified partners. The outcome is: effective productions.

Onkel Tuca

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